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Lunch Special

#1..Pad-Thai Noodlel Chickens..( Ѵ ) .$ 7.95
Picture 008
(Or vetarians/tofu ....$ 7.25
Pan fried rice noodles,with egg,
Chickens,tofu,and bean sprouts
#2..Kai-Tod kob ..( -ʹͺ )......$ 7.95
With Thai herbs,and vegetables,
With sweet and sour sauce,
And steamed rice.
#3..Pad Panang-Kai ( ѴᾹ// ) ...$ 7.95
Picture 020
Sauteed sliced chickens,/ porks/
Or beef, In panang red curry sauce,
Coconut milk,And sweet basil.
Served with steamed rice.
#4..Pad Kraprow Kai( Ѵ / / )......$ 7.95
Picture 002
Sliced saut?ed chicken,beef or pork,
With onions,Garlic,chili sauce, and Fried rice with ginger,
Sweet basil.served with coconut rice
Or steamed rice.
#5..Curry Coconut Milk..( Chicken/or Beef ) .$ 7.95
Picture 053
( Or Pranws $ 8.25 ) with yellow curry
Onions,potatoes/carrots,or green or red
Curry/ vegetables/ sweet basil.
Served with steamed rice.
#6..Pad-See-ew(Chickens/or pork/beef ) Ѵ//.$ 7.95
Picture 074
Pan fried fat noodles, with chicken,
Or beef or pork, and vegetables.
#7..Pad keaw-Makeukai..( Ѵ ).$ 7.95
Picture 006
(or seafood$8.25 )
Sauteed chickens, in green curry,
With eggplant, and coconut milk
Sweet basil/steamed rice.
#8.B.B.Q.Chicken (Kai-Yang).....$7.95
(ҧ ͺӼع)
Thai style half chicken, marinated
with calanga, lamon grass, honey,
Garlic sauce,and steamed rice.
#9..Pad-Mkuer Kai ( Ѵ ).$7.95
Picture 034
Sauted eggplant with chicken,
in garlic sauce and sweet basil.
And steamed rice.
#10..Ginger coconut Fried.Rice. (withChicken)..$7,95
Picture 011
( Vegetables/tohu..$7.25 )
Fried rice with ginger,
Coconut rice, egg, cashew nut,
and vegetables.
#11.Ginger Brown Fried Rice(with chicken)....$7.95
Picture 010
( Vegetables..$7.25 )
Brown fried riec, with ginger,
Egg,cashew nut, and vegetables.
#12. Panag Stay Chicken (ṧ)...$7.95
Grilled on skewers,chicken
Topped with coconut red
Panang curry sauce.
Served with steamed rice.


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Tel : (650) 355-1678 Fax : (650)-355-5799
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